Toddler Cake Smash

The cake smash photo shoot is very different from other photo shoots so here’s a few tip to prepare you…..

Cost – It costs the same as a normal photoshoot, however you will need to factor in the cost of the cake (roughly £35) and any decorations that you may like to include (happy birthday bunting, helium balloons etc).

Cake – My preferred supplier is Rania at Magic Mixer Cakes & Bakes (07985 524 279) you can find her on Facebook here. She makes exceptional cakes and knows what works visually. Contact her directly and she will organize it all for you. Alternatively you can arrange or make your own, but keep it simple yet stunning, avoid too much writing and choose colours that work well together (stay away from pastels if possible as they don’t show up well.)

Decorations – It’s important to choose something that complements the cake and does not distract from it. Keep it simple and go for similar colours. I’m more than happy to help, so if you’ve had an idea, let me know and I will give you my opinion. 
Clothes – What you would like your little one to wear is completely up to you, however I suggest that you keep it simple. A plain top (pink, blue, white etc) and maybe jeans for a boy, or a skirt with nappy pants for a girl. Top less works well too and means you can choose something more elaborate on the bottom half like a tutu for a girl or trousers and bracers for a boy. Whatever you choose, it’s best to assume that it will get stained with the food colouring so don’t go for something too expensive just in case. Hat’s work really well, but they rarely keep them on for long, so don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work.
On the day – I will set the scene for you and let you know where to position your baby for the best photos. Not every child wants to dive right in and make a mess no matter what tricks we try. It’s important to know that even if they don’t turn their cake into a gooey pile of crumbs, I am still able to catch fun images of them poking at it or carefully picking bits of icing or decorations. Sometimes we may need to strategically place a little icing to help things along, but the main thing is that they have fun at the once in a lifetime event.

Prepare for a mess - One thing parents don’t often realise is that they too will likely become covered in cake and icing during the session, it really can get everywhere. Have a couple of packs of wipes with you, maybe some kitchen roll, change of clothes etc. I will deal with the mess on the floor if you can clean your little one, get them in a fresh set of clothes before having a bath later. The wipes will only get so much off.

If you have any questions at all, please get in touch, I'm always happy to help where I can.

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